EthicStream and CarbonEthic – a new carbon credit power couple

Forest-based carbon credit partnership to create reliable stream of risk-free credits


Greenwich, CT {Feb. 15, 2023} – EthicStream announced today a strategic partnership with CarbonEthic Holdings Inc., the developer of the largest forest-based carbon credit project in the Western Hemisphere. The move gives EthicStream access to a reliable stream of risk-free credits.


With demand for quality carbon credits far outpacing market supply, companies are scrambling to find quality credits.  EthicStream was formed to meet that challenge by providing emitters with the highest quality credits on the market. Through its partnership with CarbonEthic, EthicStream is well positioned to deliver on that mission.  


CarbonEthic leverages the latest in drone and remote sensing technology, coupling artificial intelligence and machine learning to capture highly detailed data on every tree and ecosystem within the project area. By creating digital twins out of millions of hectares of woodlands, CarbonEthic uses that data to create the most trustworthy verifiable carbon credits on the market.


Brent Tolmie, CarbonEthic CEO and fourth-generation forester said, “When we set out to create a top-tier credit, we wanted to remove common points of failure in the carbon market by creating the most technologically advanced forestry company in the world.  It was also vital to us that we partner with local indigenous communities to help protect and steward their ancestral lands.” Mr. Tolmie continued, “Like us, EthicStream holds to a high standard of integrity and quality.  You need look no further than their team, which consists of industry leaders in carbon markets, natural resource management, sustainability, and technology. We are looking forward to a long-standing relationship with EthicStream, providing them with bulk purchases of our carbon credits.”


EthicStream strives to offer an end-to-end solution for companies looking for both compliance credits and voluntary credits. By providing turnkey consultation and offset acquisition, as well as a desktop and smartphone applications that enable clients to track results and share their impact, EthicStream provides clients with a clear snapshot of their credits’ performance.


Joshua Soloway, CEO of EthicStream commented: “We are building the most transparent and tangible carbon credit offering available, including preferred access to credits from top-tier producers like our partner, CarbonEthic.” He added, “A defining feature that sets CarbonEthic apart is their forward-looking business model – 51% of all after-cost revenue goes back to landowners, who are predominantly indigenous communities. In addition, nearly 20% of the after-cost project revenue will be invested back into the land.” Mr. Soloway finished: “That’s something we can enthusiastically stand behind as a company for our investors and clients.”


On the heels of this announcement, EthicStream has also launched a Regulation A capital raise with DealMaker, a full-service platform that helps engage investors and manage the investment round. “DealMaker has a robust platform to engage the retail investor, and an incredible team to work with.” said Mr. Soloway.


Mr. Soloway added, “Opportunities to invest meaningfully in a new commodity are exceedingly rare, and that is precisely what the carbon markets offer. Unfortunately, these opportunities have generally been reserved for institutional and ultra-high net worth investors only. We are so pleased to offer retail investors exposure to the carbon offset market without requiring them to become carbon experts themselves. It truly is a unique opportunity to invest in a new commodity class.  And an opportunity for everyone to do well while doing good.”

About EthicStream Inc.

EthicStream provides an end-to-end solution for companies looking for both compliance credits and voluntary credits. By providing turnkey consultation and offset acquisition, among other services, EthicStream provides clients with a clear path to net zero. By delivering at scale for global businesses, EthicStream clients acquire a reliable stream of risk-free credits that they can trust.

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About CarbonEthic Holdings Inc.

With over 97 years of forestry and ecology experience between us, we have the skills and knowledge to help the climate change for the better. At CarbonEthic, we consider ourselves as a large-scale gardener with the goal of keeping the lungs of the planet healthy. We create digital twins out of millions of hectares of woodlands, and we use that data to create carbon offsets. We then sell those credits to program partners (traditionally known as “big emitters”) – offset their carbon – then partner with indigenous communities to protect and manage the land.


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