EthicStream and Catch Capital Partners Join Forces for Sustainable Future

EthicStream Inc., a Greenwich-based climate finance and technology company, has announced a game-changing partnership with Catch Capital Partners. Catch will invest $5 million in EthicStream, propelling the company’s mission to support sustainability officers and developers of premium carbon offset projects.

Carbon markets have experienced exponential growth, with prices tripling from 2021 to 2022. Bloomberg projects a 50-fold increase in carbon prices by 2050, highlighting the immense potential of the market.

This strategic collaboration with Catch Capital Partners solidifies EthicStream’s position as a leading player in the carbon market. The investment accelerates the company’s growth trajectory, allowing them to expand their team and support groundbreaking projects such as CarbonEthic’s flagship initiative, the Dene K’eh Kusan project.

EthicStream recently launched a highly anticipated Regulation A offering, enabling private companies to raise up to $75 million from the public. With the goal of raising $10 million, the partnership with Catch Capital Partners brings EthicStream halfway towards its target, offering institutional and individual investors a unique opportunity to invest in a burgeoning commodity.

The CEO of EthicStream, Joshua Soloway, expressed excitement about the collaboration, noting Catch’s credibility and expertise in the industry. Catch’s CEO, Jeff Wareham, emphasized EthicStream’s potential to become a dominant player in the rapidly expanding carbon market.

EthicStream provides efficient capital to developers of top-tier carbon offset projects, allowing them to access financing without sacrificing equity or burdening their projects with excessive debt. By purchasing premium carbon credits at discounts of up to 30%, EthicStream helps businesses offset their emissions while generating profits.

Furthermore, EthicStream aims to be a trusted partner for leading brands in the fight against climate change. By collaborating with renowned registries like Verra VCS, American Carbon Registry (ACR), Climate Action Reserve, and Gold Standard, EthicStream offers a comprehensive solution for sustainability professionals, ESG officers, and brands seeking compliance market credits and voluntary offsets.

The partnership between EthicStream and Catch Capital Partners marks a significant step toward a more sustainable future. With their shared vision and commitment to innovation, these industry leaders are poised to drive transformative change in the carbon market and beyond. Investors now have the chance to be part of this momentous journey by supporting EthicStream’s mission and contributing to a greener world.